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Travel Socks

Just as pilots of military jet fighters wear compression suits to combat the impact of high G forces on their blood circulation, compression socks are prescribed to prevent and treat poor circulation in the legs.The gentle pressure these socks deliver improves blood circulation and prevents swelling, pain and tiredness.

Men who have suffered a deep vein thrombosis (DVT) will often be prescribed our compression socks to reduce the risk of recurrence and combat ongoing symptoms. As well as treating the symptoms of DVT, they also help prevent it.

Our socks are available in wool and cotton blends in two levels of compression (Energizing and Ultra Energizing). The Ultra Energizing  sock is also available in two calf diameters. Our customers are guaranteed a sock, which fits like nothing they ever worn before.

Compression socks are recommended as a preventive measure against thrombosis from extended periods of sitting. Why take the risk on a long haul flight when you could wear our socks and be safer?

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