Why support socks?

Why support socks?

For those of us who have poor circulation in the lower legs, support socks can make a lot of difference. By gently constricting the leg below the knee they reduce the incidence of swelling and soreness.

In my case a long airflight resulted in a deep vein thrombosis below the knee of my left leg. Increasing pain sent me to my G.P. and then to a vascular surgeon. An ultrasound located the clot and several months on Warfarin eventually reduced the pain but the injury was permanent.

I was left with a leg which was inclined to swell.

My vascular surgeon sent me to a corsetry salon in Camberwell, Victoria, which in addition to measuring ladies for their foundation garments, did a line of compression socks for men.

While these worked they were hard to put on and take off, and uncomfortable to wear being made entirely of man made material.

My search for something better led me to Falke and I now wear the wool blend support socks exclusively. I have no swelling in my lower leg, no tingling from loss of circulation and no pain. I will continue to wear these for the rest of my life. Initially I bought them from a shop in the UK and with GST exemptions and a good exchange rate they were reasonable. Our government’s decision to abolish the GST exemption on personal imports entirely and a falling Australian Dollar led me to create this site.

One where myself and those like me can acquire the best socks in the world at a reasonable price and with quick delivery and less postage.

Self-prescription of Falke socks is safe as they are not as constricting as some and fit well. “Firm” gradient stockings (20-30 mmHg and 30-40 mmHg) should generally be worn only on medical advice.

All I can say is “Try a pair” or for yourself or a friend or relative who has a circulation problem.

Buying a pair to wear on a long flight is good insurance too.

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