We do not sell fashion socks, even though our socks are fashionable, Just socks for travellers and those with a need for compression in their calves. Unlike many compression socks these are made with a mixture of cotton or wool making them more comfortable to wear.

Falke, the ultimate German sock technology now stocked in Australia!


Compression socks are used to both treat and prevent circulation problems in the lower leg. In some cases their cost may be recoverable from private health funds.

If you have circulation issues like swelling, deep vein thrombosis, oedema, cramps or varicose veins, the gentle even pressure these socks apply will make your legs feel more comfortable, help relieve pain and reduce swelling. Our socks are available in two strengths of compression, which we call Energizing and Ultra Energizing. You will also notice a small “L” or “R” on the tow of the sock to tell you which sock goes on which leg, that is because our support socks are shaped to provide a better, more comfortable fit.

Aussie Support socks are made in Germany by Falke. Unlike most support socks, they are knitted using wool or cotton. This makes them more comfortable and ideal for everyday wear. The use of wool and cotton as opposed to synthetics reduces perspiration issues, improves comfort and extends shoe life.

While men with circulation problems should wear compression socks full time, they are also a valuable preventative measure against deep vein thrombosis for those who sit for long periods such as on long haul air travel.

Our socks reach to just below the knee. Because of the fit and the gentle compression they stay in place and do not fall down.

Compression Socks

Mens Compression Socks​Compression socks are worn to reduce the risks of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) when flying or sitting for long periods and to combat circulation issues and swelling in the legs. That’s why they are called pressure socks as well. Falke compression socks are designed to be worn every day and are available in either wool or cotton blends. They are simply the best men’s compression socks available.

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